product description

Strong adhesive film


Heat sealing film HM30

HM type is a heat seal film with two functions. Since it has both function of simple hot melt bonding and function of heat curing type bonding, it is possible to select and use any bonding conditions in order to meet required characteristics.


  1. It has strong adhesion to various substrates.
  2. After bonding, it is possible to improve adhesion and heat resistance with further heating.

Main applications

  1. Adhesion with metal and plastic
  2. Adhesion to thermosetting resin




Adherend Adhesive strength (N/cm) Solder dip resistance(210℃×30sec)
After lamination, heating at 120 ℃ After 120℃ lamination and 150℃×2hr curing No curing After 150℃×2hr curing
PET 11.1 13.7 ×
SUS 11.2 14.8 ×
Aluminum foil 7.2 11.7 ×
Copper foil 12.4 15.6 ×
PI 7.0 9.0 ×
※The indicated values are measurement values, not guaranteed values.