Processing & Services

PANAC presents Processing and services

Among functional films there are numerous kinds that have different quality material, characteristics and thicknesses.
Using various kinds of plastic film PANAC can make a new functional film by combining or modifying such films. The combinations are infinite.

With reliable processing techniques and the infinite combination PANAC creates new functional films with excellent quality, stability and functionalities. As functional film experts with decades of experience, PANAC suggests the most suitable films and treatments for our customers.


We perform integrated manufacturing meeting customer’s request, from choosing the most suitable film from our wide variety of film (Exploration) to processing, developing, inspection and logistics (Shipment). We can also perform processing requiring strict quality, as we installed a cleanroom. We strive to deliver products to our customers that are easy to use. We are pleased to process many types of small quantity orders.

Processing: Five functions

Exploration, development, processing, coating, and laminating are PANAC’s five core functions. We continuously improve these five functions. We provide support to our customers’ business through our consistent service, from trials and development through mass production with our own solutions. PANAC acts in three main roles: as manufacturer, processor and distributor. Therefore, it is our mission to find the most suitable solution from various points of view based on our customers’ plastic film requirements.

Processing and factory introduction