Plastic composite film PANABRID®

Lamination of various plastic films such as engineering plastics film, high heat resistance film or film with poor adhesion. Other kinds of materials such as electronic components, building materials, and release or transfer materials can be processed to the application and configuration of your request. Plastic composite film PANABRID

Processing Overview

Various plastic films are bonded by adhesion (dry lamination) or by heat melting (thermal lamination). Films with poor adhesion such as olefin film, fluorine film or highly heat-resistant film etc. can also be laminated by selecting the working process up to the material. By laminating two types of film or more, it is possible to utilize the characteristics of each material, and it makes possible to exert performance that a simple substance cannot bear by itself.

Composite configuration example

Dry lamination Olefin -based film / adhesive layer / PET film High heat film / adhesive layer / PET film
Thermal lamination PI / fluorine film Olefin -based film / fluorine film / olefin-based Glass cloth / fluorine film

Composite method