product description

Strong adhesive film


Strong adhesive film L・Y・Z・MFC・YAP

PANALIVE is a strong adhesive film based on polyester film. There are many types of PANALIVE and they have been developed to be widely used for diversifying adhesive needs.


PANALIVE has excellent adhesion, heat resistance and processability, and it is possible to paste to all parts and materials by choosing the optimum type.



Standard type

Type Base film Adhesivestrength
Features Application
L PET 5.5 Excellent adhesion for polyolefin, rough or curved surface Reinforcement・Label
Y PET 5.1 General strong adhesive purposes(Colored base film type,colored adhesive type are available.) Membrane・Spacer・Reinforcement・Insulation・Overlay
Z PET 5 Low metal corrosiveness. Excellent processability. Metal parts fixing・Membrane・Spacer
MFC Copper foil (35μm) 4.4 Excellent adhesion for variousadherend Shielding
YAP AL-PET10-25 (Adhesive on PET side) 4.9 Due to the composite product of PET and aluminum foil, it is tough and has excellent processing characteristics
※Measurement condition: Peeling speed 200mm/min, Peeling angle 180° ※The indicated values are measurement values, not guaranteed values.

Other information

  • It is available for choosing the thickness of the base film (PET).
  • One side adhesive and double side adhesive processing are possible.
  • Paper, film, etc. can be selected as release film.
  • Stripe adhesive processing is possible.