Plastic Metal foil composite film

Plastic Metal foil composite film
  • No occurrence of voids bubbles between the interlayer.
  • Stacked without any curl even the materials are in different coefficient of linear expansion.
  • Adhesive with high adhesion, high transparency with chemical and heat resistance.
  • The finish good will be in flat form and without any carl.

Processing Overview

The metal foil and the plastic film is bonded by adhesive(dry lamination) or by heat melting(thermal lamination). Laminate is also possible for three or more layers upon request.

Composite configuration example

Plastic Metal foil composite film

Actual use of metal foil

  • SUS:10~100μm
  • AL:9~200μm
  • Cu:12~70μm
  • Other:Fe,Ti,etc..

Actual use of film

  • PET,PEN,PI,PTFE,etc..
  • Thickness correspondence:4~500μm


Elastic modulus control Follow-up / curl control to the substrate expansion and contraction
Chemical resistance Etch resistance
Adhesive force control Ensure the adhesive force between the various metal foil / plastic film
Functionality grant Rust function / antistatic

How complex of a metal foil

Product Examples


Bonding product of aluminum foil or electrolytic copper foil with polyester film by adhesive in-between.
Have been used in the field required such as electromagnetic shielding by its electrical characteristics.

Configuration example

Plastic Metal foil composite film

Product Examples

Part number 12-50 20-75 30-12 18-25 35-50
Metal foil Aluminum foil Electrolytic copper foil
Metal foil thickness(μm) 12 20 30 18 35
Adhesive layer thickness(μm) 2~3 20
PET film thickness(μm) 50 75 12 25 50

Composite method

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